All seed varieties are from stock that has been grown and trialled in Melbourne. Each pack contains approximately 25 seeds.However we can not guaranatee successful germination. We highly recommend you also purchase \"A Simple Guide to Growing Chillies from Seed\" to maximise your success.

With over 100 varieties, the list includes \'exotic seeds\' that seeds are sourced from many areas around the world, and each with it\'s unique specific climatic conditions for best germination and growth. Unlike commercial seed suppliers that have developed seeds that are easy to germinate and grow, many of the seeds have been sourced through the USDA Seed Bank, and are not genetically modified in any way to make them more commercially viable. ( Commercial seed companies usually do not market rare chilli seeds because of this problem). Atomic Chilli seeds has a range of easy to grow seeds for the beginner, as well as rarer , more exotic types for the experienced grower. These rare varieties are for the real chilli-head that wants to add a new heat variety to their menu. If you need a list of difficult germinators, please send us an email with your order.