Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which you the Customer (You) purchase products on-line from Fireworksfoods. Please read the following terms and conditions before ordering on-line.

By placing your order on-line you indicate that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions and agree that they govern your transactions with Fireworksfoods.

Orders -An order is deemed to be received when the goods are selected and placed in your shopping cart and the order is successfully transmitted online.

Delivery of Orders, Products availability, Refund procedures- Refer the Freight Policy.

Privacy Notice Please read our privacy Policy for more information.

Product Description and Site Content-Products are depicted as accurately as possible, however the items may vary from the pictures shown and we cannot assure that the product descriptions or any content within the site are error-free.

Disclaimer-Extreme Hot sauces- Refer to disclaimer policy.  All purchases of extreme hot sauces/additives, should only be completed after the careful reading of our disclaimer policy, as these products can inflict serious harms to yourself or other persons.

You acknowledge that you require a username and password in order to place an order on-line and accept responsibility for the safekeeping of this username and password.
(a) You accept full liability if an unauthorised person uses your username and password to gain access to the Fireworksfoods web site.
(b) You accept full liability if an unauthorised person uses your username and password to gain access to the Fireworksfoods web site to purchase extreme hot sauces/additives.

All content within this web site, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, icons, are the property of Fireworksfoods or its content suppliers. Transfer, download, reproduction or copy of all content are prohibited.


Freight Calculations

The shipping cost provided is calculated from an estimate from Australia Post and as such may be subject to variation. There may be times where the Australia Post Freight estimate is incorrect due to website errors or problems in the internet Australian post services. In any of these circumstances, Fireworksfoods reserve the right to adjust the shipping cost accordingly. Where Freight cost is adjusted compared to the calculated freight on the original order, Fireworksfoods will contact the customer prior to despatching the order. The customer will then have the option of continuing with the order or cancelling. All cancels orders will have any all charges fully refunded.


Minimum purchase order


$20 dlls excluding freight.



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Terms and Conditions